Funky Step

Member type: Adult

Instructor: Simone Afonso

Location: Studio 1

Level: General

Age: Adult

FunkyStep is a fun, up beat choreographed class which works with an elevated platform (step) to eclectic, good tiunes. You will use a variety of different movements using the step, to tone, shape and sculpt your body. This is a great cardio workout which also combines co-ordination skills guarenteed to get your heart pumping.

Simone will start the class with a warm up on the floor and then gradually transfer you on to the step with a few basic moves as your body gets warmer, then she will start to develop a basic routine using limited choreography which will suit all abilities.  Body core work and balance is targeted in this class through a number of knee lifts and leg extensions on and around the step. You will receive a great lower body work out and you will even learn a few dance moves!! The class finishes with a cool down and some deep standing stretches.

Prepare yourself to get sweaty in this intense class going up and down a step platform burning lots of calories and improving your overall fitness levels.