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As a Hogarth member you are invited to participate in as many studio classes as you wish. We have a full array of traditional and modern activities that have been tailored to suit all ages and all fitness levels.

View and download the latest timetable here

which runs from 2 January 2019 - 18 April 2019.

Our studio classes are group based and instructor led. Participation is a great way of meeting other members whilst honing your individual skills in a particular activity. As a Hogarth member, there is no need to book, just turn up! Take a look at our web timetable for all classes.




In Studio 1 your body will be whipped into shape and by the time you leave you will feel done. You just have to pick your weapon of choice. Cycling on a NEW Keiser M3i Indoor spin bike in a virtual spin session. Sweat. Lifting weights in Body Pump. Power. Dancing to Zumba or Sh’bam. Fun. Improving strength and mobility in Stretchworks. Agility. Comprehensive conditioning options for improving every aspect of fitness.



A calmer setting where you can fine tune body and mind. Our selection of Yoga, Pilates and La Barre classes will test your strength as well as your mobility. Take a deep breath and focus on you in our temperature controlled Holistic studio. You should leave Studio 2 feeling lighter yet stronger. 

Hogarth Yoga Chiswick West London Health Club



A specialist studio for HIIT only! High Intensity Interval Training is not for the faint hearted. Going all out during a whole body circuit will push you to your limits. However, it is a great way to boost metabolism and help you burn fat whilst getting fitter and stronger in the process. Up to 4 HIIT classes are held in Studio 3, 6 days a week ranging from General to Advanced level. Take a look at our web timetable here for all classes.

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