Member type: Adult

Instructor: Ris Widdicombe

Location: Pool

Level: General

Water aerobics combines the buoyancy and resistance of the water to build muscle, improve flexibility and stamina without the stress on your joints.

 Cool in the pool! Work up your heart rate, increase your stamina, endurance and strength...

 Have some fun working on muscle strength with weightless dumb bells, no strain as you gain to increase your fitness and all to some great music. This 45 minute class consists of water jogging, jumping and sprinting with zero impact on your joints.

 Aqua is especially great if you are pregnant, have muscle or joint limitations but is a good all round exercise regime for anyone, young, old, fit or not.

 Your instructor will take you through set routines to maximize your workout regime that is suitable and comfortable for you. This class can be enjoyed in our 25 meter outdoor pool too (weather permitting).