12 Days of Hogarth FITMAS

We all know what it’s like in December… winding down for the holidays, trying to fit in seeing family and friends and trying to not embarrass ourselves at the staff Christmas party.

Fitness has been known to take a back seat. 

Well not at The Hogarth!! Welcome to the 12 Days Of Fitmas Challenge!!

Pick up your advent card from the Gym desk or Reception. On it you will find 12 challenges to be completed by the end of the year. These range from a Spin/Yoga class to planking in the gym. As well as exercise there are more relaxing ones like trying the new heated loungers by the pool or finding out General Manager Giles Stumpe’s middle name from the man himself. Trust me it’s a corker!

Some of these may be done on the same day and some may spread as long as they are verified by a member of the Gym team or a Duty Manager you will be able to cash in on the last challenge, a FREE smoothie in the bar!

Everyone who completes the 12 challenges will go into a draw for a month’s free membership in the New Year.

Anyway, I’m off to embarrass myself at the staff party. For some of us there is no help.

Merry Liftmas!!


Events 6, 7, 8 and 9 do not need to be done all at once. For example, the plank can be done in 6 x 30 second bursts or 50 press-ups can be done in 10 x 5 sessions

Gymnasium or Duty Managers will be able to ‘stamp’ members cards.

More information: 020 8995 4600. GOOD LUCK!