Autumn gym challenge 2018

Hogarth Autumn Gym Challenge 2018

The days are getting shorter and the leaves have started falling. It’s time to up the ante, the latest challenge is calling. Put yourself to the test and work off your bottom. It is time to tackle the Gym Challenge for Autumn.

Seven obstacles stand between your start and finish. You will try and complete the circuit in as little time as possible.

You will begin with a frantic 200m on the Cross Trainer. Following that you will go to the weights area. 30 Bench Jumps later you will Bench Press a total of 1000lbs. Your reps will depend on the weight you choose to lift but a total of 1000lbs must be lifted by the end. You will face the same task with a 1000lbs Bent Over Barbell Row. Then 20 Knee Tuck Jumps will test your spring this Autumn after which you will drop to the floor for 50 Bicycle Crunches. Your final task awaits and is a glorious 200m run on the treadmill at 15% incline.

We predict finishing times to be between 5-10 minutes. Everyone who posts a time will go into a prize draw for a free massage at The Hogarth Medispa

To give it a go get in touch with the gym team. For any questions, please don't hesitate to email us!

Good Luck!