Debbie Bonnett

I have had the pleasure of teaching various disciplines of fitness for many years. Presently at the Hogarth club I teach Core Conditioning which is incorporated in PureStretch. I absolutely love teaching this class because it is such fun and the benefits are immeasurable and you’re always left with a sense of feeling peaceful.

Throughout the years my passion has always been to motivate and educate people to know how to exercise and stretch properly. I focus on enabling people to have a total sense of self and body awareness so they understand exactly what they are doing. This is achieved by using easy to follow routines which once learnt is able to benefit them in their everyday lives.

What is unique about my class is that it involves stretch routines, core strengthening and relaxation techniques incorporating elements of yoga and pilates. The objective of the class is to improve flexibility, release muscle tension, develop core strength and reduce mental and physical fatigue.

Throughout my years of teaching I have become more and more convinced through observation, just how important stretching and mobilising the body is. As it truely improves the quality and longevity of life. So, if you want to improve your mobility or flexibility in a warm and friendly class, then just come along.