Heather Mikklesen

I have over 25 years experience in the fitness industry teaching in NYC and London. I'm originally from Brooklyn, NY and I bring that Brooklyn vibe to all of my classes. My style is all about having fun and training hard. 

My spin classes are full of energy so prepare to work out hard, the  lights go out and we spin to pumping tunes

This high intensity class is set in a dimly lit room and is guaranteed to make you work up a sweat. The ride is designed to provide you with the optimum in fat burning and strength building. The class will simulate varied terrain as you tackle sprints and other drills to give you a great interval workout. Music plays an important part in this class with many different playlists on hand so there is something for everyone!

Stretch and tone class is all about core, strength and flexibility. Stretching increases blood flow to the muscle and with better flexibility you improve your performance in physical activities and decrease your risk of injuries.  Reinforcing your core will enhance your balance and stability and enable you to perform everyday activities more efficiently. 

My Hatha yoga flow class is based on Hatha yoga method, 

Hatha Flow explores the basic yoga postures (asanas) with an emphasis on proper alignment through steady movement. Asanas are safely sequenced through a strong, steady flow that builds strength, flexibility and balance while incorporating breath awareness. This is a fun, energetic class for all levels of experience.

Qualifications: Gym Instructor, Personal Training & Advanced Instruction, Circuit Training, Nutrition & Weight Management, Spin Instructor, Yoga Instructor, Purestretch Instructor.