Helena Rowley

I started my career as a dancer travelling many countries around the world which I loved, it was hard work, fun and exhilarating but never having any firm roots anywhere unlike my fellow friends. That's when I decided to start in West London. I trained in lots of different forms of exercise from exercise to music, body pump, spinning, step, aqua and pre/post natal which I enjoyed very much. An injury from training led me to find my passion for Pilates.

Pilates filled my needs as a former dancer as I'm a stickler for good alignment, posture, fluidity in the body and breathing correctly all of which are the essence of Pilates. Being a people person I truly enjoy meeting new people and teaching them how to do the exercises correctly at their pace so as to feel comfortable in their bodies, it really gives me a sense of accomplishment.

I qualified with two Pilates governing bodies and I keep up-to-date with new industry research and attend many workshops each year.

I believe exercise should feel good, enjoyable and accessible to everyone. Which are the foundations of my classes.