Sony started to dance 22 years ago in her wonderful city of Rome, where Cuban Salsa was the main style in Italy for decades. She has been a Latin Dance Instructor since 2010 and has grown up with the Cuba rhythm as a lot of the Salsa and dance teachers she's collaborated with are originally from Cuba.

"The most recent style of Salsa which is the most prevalent in London is known as Cross Body or Portoricana. I've been a Latin dance instructor since 2010 and I worked beside other teachers to help them in their classes. I've always enjoyed taking the lead role (usually male), because I didn't like seeing other dancers (or women) not having a partner to dance with.

I arrived in London just 1 year ago and in January 2018 I created my class in Hammersmith. Cuban Salsa is different first of all, because it is danced in a circle with the partner, it is a dance of the "people", of poor people who used music for self expression and to have fun, so it is characterized by figures in rotation, with accentuations of the hips for the woman and of the shoulders for the man.

The Cuban salsa is very historic as the figures have ancient names, rooted back within the slave trade. The Cross Body or Portoricana style is "elite salsa". With figures in line, set on a perfect posture and on a few bodily movements if not of the arms and legs. Cuban style Salsa gives a great opportunity to dance salsa with other people in circle called RUEDA de CASINO, which is very funny and a nice chance to interact with other people.

My goal is to involve all members at least for one lesson and I’m sure that you will have fun! - To discover that is possible to dance, keep fit as well as enjoying yourself and laughing. Recent studies and research have proven that especially Latin music can increase cognitive abilities and body coordination!

All you need to wear is comfortable shoes and clothes."