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At London Sports Therapy we are committed to giving you a pain free body. Based in Central and West London, we can help you whether you need peak performance or simply to enjoy an active lifestyle.

London Sports Therapy - Moving Free Again

Sports Injury and Massage Clinic

You may be an elite athlete, a gym goer, a tennis enthusiast, a dog walker, a post-natal mother, or simply suffering from aches and pains – whatever your age – London Sports Therapy can help.

We assess, diagnose and treat by reviewing your everyday activities, your gait and any other functional factors that might be causing your pain.

Offering Sports Therapy, massage therapy and a host of different treatments, our aim is to get you moving pain-free.

Using a holistic approach in our assessments and treatments, we aim to help you to understand why your body is hurting as well as helping you to move more freely.

So we don’t only treat your symptom - we identify the cause of the problem.

The treatment that London Sports Therapy provides is 100% tailored to you: your lifestyle, your aims and your needs.


We help identify the parts of the body that you may be overloading which result in pain. We give a functional assessment of each client (looking at gait, posture and day to day activities) and provide practical rehabilitation exercises to heal and prevent more injury.

We use a variety of techniques and treatments to get you moving freely again including:

Manual therapy
techniques that involves using our hands to return mobility to the joint, muscle or nerve:
- soft tissue release
- myofascial release
- dry needling

- Real Time Ultrasound
- Pilates
- Gait analyses – are your walking and running styles affecting you hips, legs or lower back?
- Personalised exercises and gym programmes

Sources and Influences:

Society of Sports Therapists
Lee & Lee’s Integrated Systems Model
Thirst 4 Function

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About Us

Josie Mitchell

BS.c (Hons) Sports Therapy MSST

Josie worked with professional athletes and football players before developing her own practice in London. She and her team assess, diagnose and treat by reviewing your everyday activities, your gait and any other functional factors that might be causing your pain.

She set up London Sports Therapy where she works alongside surgeons, chiropractors, physios, personal trainers and podiatrists in helping rehabilitate patients. Over the years she has established an extensive client base in West and Central London in rehabilitation, treatment and massage.

In her spare time she consults for other clinics - for example she helped set up m8clinic where she trained and mentored their clinic staff for two years.

Josie and her team specialises in running; helping you to move, walk and run better without pain. A graduate with a B.S.c (Hons) in Sports Therapy, Gray Functional the Discover Physio and Connect Therapy™ Series. With this, Josie has taken the whole body treatment approach to the next level.

For full clinic details, please visit Please feel free to call if you have any queries on 07976 202 766.

Mauro Scudellaro

Mauro is an experienced massage therapist who has provided sports massage for over 20 years. ITEC qualified, he is a Member of the Fellowship of Sports Masseurs. He has worked closely with Physios and Sports Therapists, professional dancers at the Rambert studio, professional cyclists and footballers.

He specializes in deep tissue massage techniques which are helpful in relieving muscular tension, improving flexibility and preventing and aiding injuries.


Dan Hannaford

Dan graduated from the University of Worcester in 2010 with a First Class BSc (Hons) Degree in Sports Therapy. A member of The Society of Sports Therapists, he has worked predominantly with club and representative Rugby Union squads in the South West, assessing and treating numerous acute injuries and providing pitch-side first aid cover.

Away from Rugby, Dan took advantage of an excellent placement season working in elite Football within the medical team at West Bromwich Albion FC. This opportunity gave him great experience into injury management, rehabilitation and injury prevention approaches. 

Specialising in a range of manual therapies, he can deliver Sports Massage combined with Muscle Energy Techniques and Myofascial Release where appropriate. Other treatments also include vertebral and peripheral joint mobilisation techniques to restore joint range of movement as well as Ultrasound therapy to facilitate the healing process.      

A sport enthusiast, Dan has a passion for Rugby Union above all, however these days he enjoys completing mud run obstacle assault courses and finds indoor climbing an excellent form of exercise. A drummer too, looking to join a London rock band soon!  

 Joe Sundborg

BSC - Sports Therapy, Health and Fitness, MSTA

Joe’s journey first started back in 2010 when he graduated from Kent University with a degree in Sports Therapy, Health and Fitness.  

In the early years he worked with a number of local semi-professional football clubs until finding a more permanent home, working at St Anthony’s Hospital in Cheam. 

In 2011 & 2012, Joe studied the Discover Physio Series that uses the ISM (Intergrated Systems Model) and the Thoracic Ring™ approach.

In 2013, he became a consultant for the 1st team at Millwall Football Club treating professional footballers till 2017. Joe now works closely with Portsmouth FC and their first team, as a consultant Sports Therapist using the ISM approach.

From a young age Joe has always been a keen sports player. His sporting interests have also led him to venture into Golf and start to use the holistic approach to help improve posture & help professional and recreational athletes to move more efficiently and effectively.


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