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We are delighted to announce that Technogym's very latest and premium range of Artis with Wellness gymnasium equipment is now fully installed in the Hogarth gymnasium aka "The Artis Room".

ARTIS combines 30 products for cardio, strength and functional training with the seamless Italian design, superior biomechanical engineering, interactive technology through the latest android-based cardio platform called UNITY and eco sustainability, allowing people to reduce, and recycle during their workout to an unparalleled level.

The UNITY console also ensures an intuitive, personalised and connected training experience allowing individuals to send emails, watch and catch up on TV, read books and the latest news from any cardio machine whilst mapping fitness details and storing all of them in a personal "Wellness Cloud". Technogym’s UNITY system is even fitted with a web cam allowing users to make video calls with their trainer and Skype their favorite contacts during their workouts.

These and numerous other innovative and patented technologies are unique to the Artis equipment, and mark a new level of commitment to Wellness by Technogym and now Hogarth. The technology behind the Artis gymnasium equipment allows our Personal Trainers and members to track and monitor what they do in the Club, at home or anywhere in the world. It is this additional capability that enables us to stay connected beyond the Club and help us support the busy and stressful lifestyles our members often lead. Ultimately, we feel we have the best tools to help our members achieve regular physical activity, optimum nutrition and a positive mental attitude; these are the cornerstones of Welllness.

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