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A cardiovascular aerobic workout class choreographed around a step (elevated platform) with funky moves to make it fun and energising! Simone will start the class with a warm up on the floor and gradually she will transfer you on to the step with a few basic moves as you get warmer. As the class progresses she will develop a routine, but she’ll give you the option to continue with a more basic move if the choreography is too difficult.

You are guaranteed to get a great workout targeting your body core and balance around the step with lots of knee lifts and leg extensions getting a great lower body workout and even learn a few dance moves! The full class is around the step and she will finish the class with a cool down and standing stretches.Prepare yourself to get sweaty in this intense class going up and down a step platform burning lots of calories at the same time.

This class involves coordination, keeping your heart pumping, toning and at the same improves your overall fitness.

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