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For the cycling enthusiast and for those looking to improve cardiovascular fitness.

The first thing everyone can agree on when it comes to Spinning is the energy in the room. It’s electrifying. Whether it’s the fast-paced music, the instructor giving 120 percent or the contagious energy from your class peers, Spinning is a class that is a motivation in itself and the environment has a real ‘team spirit’ feel to it.

Most people, given the choice, would choose to take part in light exercise over an intensive workout. However, Spinning makes you push yourself harder for longer, much more so than if you were to stroll through a cardio workout on a machine in the gym counting down the minutes until your workout ends. Not only will you have much more fun but you’ll burn many more calories as well!

Here at The Hogarth Health Club, Chiswick, our Spinning classes are designed for everyone, whether you’re a beginner on a bicycle or a seasoned cyclist. Imagine your Spinning instructor is just a guideline for your workout. They have a general plan for the session in terms of pace, movements and intensity changes, but when it comes down to it, YOU are the one in control and you decide how hard to push yourself. It’s a class that people of all ages and fitness levels can benefit from.

Spinning is a very low-impact form of exercise which means it’s a perfect class for anybody harbouring and recovering from a joint injury, more specifically knee or ankle. This is often advised by surgeries in order to maintain exercise with minimal stress through the injured joints. As Spinning is also a non-weight bearing sport it is also perfect for those with problems linked to bone strength e.g. osteoporosis. Spinning offers a much better alternative to maintaining a high level of exercise compared to more jarring activities such as running.

Women and men alike are often put off the idea of Spinning classes when the image of 28 inch ‘Quads of Steel’ appear in their minds. However, the interval training offered by Spinning classes allow you to slowly tone and sculpt your body as opposed to giving you thighs so big you can’t fit into your jeans! So give Spinning a try today!

Heather, Charles and David teach Spinning.

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